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Luka’s Outrageous Birthday Sale

It’s my birthday today. I’m turning 42, or what I like to call the 4.2 version of me 🙂

This is my perspective of always getting better. Every year is a year to improve myself and build a better version of me.

And speaking of improving, I wanted to flip things upside down and rather than getting a gift, I wanted to give a gift; one that will help you build a better version of you as a coach and fitness business owner.

I’m doing an outrageous sale on my course and workshops for the next 4 days!

You can get the bundle of workshops for over 50%+ off!

  • Athlete For Life Program Design
  • How To Write Conditioning Programs
  • How To Assess Your Clients & Design Their First 30-days
  • Improve Your Client’s Mobility
  • Build Your Fitness Business Workshop

All those workshops and resources that come with them for over 50% off and you can get them HERE!

I’m also taking $200 off the Small Group Personal Training Mastery course to the original launch price!

I don’t usually do this but since it’s my birthday I’m feeling grateful that I get to be part of the best industry in the world, the fitness industry (aka transformation industry); and helping great coaches becoming more successful is my mission.

Take advantage of this outrageous offer before my team realizes what I’m doing.

You can get the workshop bundle HERE (over 50% off).

And the Small Group Personal Training Mastery course HERE ($200 off).

– Luka

P.S. The greatest gift you can give me is apply what you learn from the workshops and courses, get clients better results, and improve your business, and then share it with me.