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I’m Investing $100 in Your Career!

Yesterday I hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube which is a big milestone considering that I’ve been sharing content there so I can help more coaches and people improve their lives through fitness (rather than YouTube being the main thing I do).

And to celebrate that milestone I’m investing $100 in you to support your continuous growth in the industry.

Just use the coupon code 100BUCKS at checkout! The code expires Monday, April 24, and is good for one purchase per person.

I’m a coach and my mission is to help other coaches help as many people as possible (we need it more than ever!) and be able to build careers that are fulfilling, impactful and financially fantastic.

Take advantage of this and apply it to anything in the store, learn, and then take the knowledge and use it in the real world to help clients.

Much appreciation,
Coach Luka