Small Group Personal Training Mastery

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How To Build A Small Group Personal Training Business with Luka Hocevar‘s Step-by-Step System.

Small Group Personal Training Mastery Includes

12 Months of Programming
Exercise Coaching Videos
50-page Blueprint Guide (PDF)
4 Live Virtual Coaching Sessions
Lifetime Access
Lifetime Upgrades to New Materials
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Small Group Personal Training Mastery

The Complete Small Group Personal Training System That Gets Clients Serious Results and Builds a 6-Figure Business In Less Than 15 Hours Of Training A Week

In the last 16 years I’ve built two very successful gyms (Vigor Ground) on two continents (Slovenia and the USA), starting as a personal trainer working long hours 6-7 days a week. As my schedule got busier I realized I needed to find a solution to get clients better results as well as grow the profit of the business. My private and semi-private clients were getting serious results, but many people just couldn’t afford training 2-4x a week.

I was also coaching clients 50-60 hours per week in a 1-on-1 setting, and eventually in a semi-private personal training setting. I was beyond busy, but as you can imagine, doing that for years 6 days a week can take a big toll on you health-wise, without being able to have flexibility in scheduling, vacation, or much else. There was also the problem of not being able to grow the business as I had no space and the only way would be to hire coaches under me (which I wasn’t doing at that point in time).

The Solution: Small Group Personal Training

My solution was to create a small group personal training program, which I started with 12 clients per group. This allowed me to create a program and system to get clients great results, a great experience, as well as being able to train many more people, while creating the most profitable program possible.

Throughout the years I coached thousands of clients through our small group personal training sessions and continued to evolve the programming, coaching, and experience. I also refined how to launch the program, promote it, and market it to get new clients through the doors predictably and sustainably. 

As I started doing business coaching and helping other coaches and gym owners install this small group personal training system, they saw the impact, not only on the results of their clients, but also on how much the business grew (not just revenue but profits!).

Now there are hundreds of coaches and gym owners around the world using this system with success, but it’s only been available to my private mentorship coaching clients that invested over $15k a year for mentoring. 

With this online program, I’m making this available to every coach and gym owner that wants to get better results for their clients, get more clients and referrals (because people can’t stop talking about your small group personal training), and build an additional revenue/profit stream where you can work less and make more morey.

This is a proven system and can stand alone or be added to your existing 1 on 1 training, semi-private personal training, or large group training business. 

Who is Small Group Personal Training Mastery For?

➡️ Coaches that want to add 6-figures or multiple 6-figures of revenue from small group personal training to their fitness business with a real world system that’s used by hundreds of coaches and thousands of personal training clients. 

➡️ Coaches that want to be energetic, fulfilled, avoid burnout, and have a system to make them more money while working less hours, while actually impacting more clients.

➡️ Coaches that want 12-months of  proven done-for-you small group personal training programming that will save them 40-50 hours of program design, while getting great results, and a great experience that will differentiate their programs from any other in the area.

➡️ Coaches that want to learn how to write small group personal training programs from scratch in a way that will cut down hours of time every week, while making predictably great, results-based programs that make the client experience top notch. 

➡️ Coaches that want a simple launch and marketing system to promote their small group personal training program without having to understand and build websites, landing pages, or complicated marketing schemes that take away time from them doing what they love – coaching and getting clients results. 

Who is Small Group Personal Training Mastery NOT For?

➡️ Coaches that only want to do 1-on-1 or semi-private personal training, who don’t care about generating significantly more money per hour while impacting more people.

➡️ Coaches that don’t want to save time, as they’d rather write all their small group personal training programs from scratch.

➡️ Coaches that have already figured out how to run and execute world-class group training sessions, and have a line out of the door with a waiting list for their group sessions.

➡️ Coaches who dominate marketing and can generate leads and clients at will, predictably and sustainably.

➡️ Coaches who don’t believe you can get amazing results for clients in small groups of 12-15 doing strength training.

The amount of time I spent figuring this out, I can’t even put it into hours, but it’s been 16 years of learning, testing, trial and error, so you don’t have to.

The investment is so low that if you sign up ONE client for a year because of this course, you’ll have made a 1200% return on investment. Even if you only follow a few things from what I teach, you’ll get a significant return on the time and money invested. 

If you want to run a successful small group personal training business, Small Group Personal Training Mastery will help you create it every step of the way.

Included in Small Group Personal Training Mastery:


    • Get the system that will show you how to generate $171,180 a year with 45 small group clients coaching 9-12 hours a week (you can grow this much more than that!). I will take you through the exact step-by-step process.


    • A year (12 months) of my small group programming that I ran at my gym Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance and got amazing results for my clients. All  done-for-you, all you have to do is plug and play and save yourself 40-50  hours of programming while having clients rave about your program.


    • The exact blueprint on how to run world-class small group personal training sessions that will differentiate you from every coach and gym in your area and create word of mouth on steroids.


    • A behind the scenes look at how I write small group personal training programs where I will teach you to write your own results based, exciting, engaging sessions that get your clients results. And you’ll be able to do it in ⅓ of the time you are right now!


    • The framework of the simple and effective way to launch, promote, market and grow your small group personal training program, with a system you can repeat over and over again.


    • A simple system of how to run orientations and strategy sessions to get people into your programs.


  • I’ll be personally  coaching you LIVE for 4-weeks to take you through the system step-by-step on how to create, implement and execute your small group personal training, so that you can help clients get better results, can coach more people, and make more money in less time.

Build your business and get started with Small Group Personal Training Mastery now!


Feb 1 - How to execute the small group sessions

A framework and model of how to run small group orientations that help you connect with the client, sell them into trying out your program and differentiating yourself in quality and service from other coaches and gyms A simple and effective way to assess a group of new prospects when they are starting your program, keep them feeling safe and that the group program is individualized to them.

Feb 8 - The DNA of a world class small group experience

Discover how I write small group personal training programs that get clients results, can be easily customized, have a simple and effective structure, and are challenging and fun no matter what the fitness level of the client A simple system that will blow your mind in how fast you will be able to write world class programs for your small group.

Feb 15 - How to build your own training programs from scratch

A step-by-step breakdown of how to execute a world class group training session that will have clients coming back for more and telling all their friends about it. The things you MUST do to make sure you're in the 1% of world class group training coaches. What things to prepare for before the session and what to do after the session to have the greatest customer experience effect on the client.

Feb 22 - How to launch, market, and grow small group training

12 months of done-for-you programming I wrote for small group personal training at my gym Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance A step-by-step breakdown of the training template and how to execute it so it runs smoothly even in groups of 15-20 (regardless if you have a small gym with less than 2,000 square feet).


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“Learned a lot from you and appreciate all the knowledge you pass on in this program as well as all your other materials. Works in my 800 ft studio with no issues. Thank you and keep up the great work.”

— Pedro R.