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This Workshop Includes

  • 2.5 Hours of HD Video
  • Proven Team Training System
  • Simple Marketing Strategies

Semi Private Personal Training Workshop

How To Onboard, Design Results-Based Programs, Coach, and Create A Great Experience For Your Semi-Private Personal Training Clients

I started my first gym in Slovenia 18+ years ago, and my gym in Seattle is approaching its 16-year anniversary. We have been doing semi-private personal training almost from the beginning stages of my gyms and it has been the best model for both the client and the business.

It is more affordable for the client and allows them to train more often, in turn getting more accountability and better results!

The truth is, running a high-level semi-private training model takes more skill, a great system, experience and reps. When implemented, it is more than worth and can change your business and the results and experience your clients receive.

In this 2.5 hour live workshop, I'm going to share my best insights from almost 2 decades of coaching and doing semi-private personal training. My goal is to help you: be a better coach, design effective programs that produce results every time, create a great coaching experience, and have a system that allows you to reproduce that without losing your mind.

Essentially I'll give you a practical breakdown of what to do to be more successful as a semi-private personal training coach and fitness business owner, so that you don't have to figure it all out by yourself, make the mistakes and get frustrated (while losing money) along the way.

Discover the Upgraded System We Use to Onboard Our Clients, Write Programs that Deliver Results Every Time, and Create a Great Customer Experience: 

✅ The step-by-step process from the time we generate a lead to the client's first training session to make sure the customer experience is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

✅ How to execute a strategy session as well as first training session/assessment along with the resources to make the client feel great and sign up as your client.

✅ Discover my proven model for helping clients feel great, perform well, look great, and maintain longevity in their fitness journey.

✅ Gain valuable insights into how to tailor programs to different client needs, goals, preferences, and design programs that focus on both aesthetics and performance.

✅ Get my program design template that will allow you to write better programs 3x faster than you currently are and get your clients the best results.

✅ How to coach multiple semi-private personal training clients with individualized programs and keep them safe, coach them well, and create a great experience.

✅ The coaching checklist you need to make your foundation and you will stand out as a coach! These are my non-negotiable principles.

✅ A weekly system for writing programs, check-ins, preparation, that will give you back time, keep you organized and reduce your stress while you deliver a better service.

✅ I share my resources including onboarding e-mails, weekly organization structure, programming template, sales structure and scripts, and much more.

✅ Get your questions answered at the end of the live workshop where I will do a Q & A to help you with your specific business and situation.

Don't miss out on discovering my semi-private personal training programming and coaching system. Register for the workshop now! 

– Luka

This Workshop Includes

  • 2.5 Hours of HD Video
  • Proven Semi Private Training System
  • Simple Marketing Strategies

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