Conditioning Workshop


This workshop was recorded live on April 5th. Purchase the video recordings for access. Preorder discount available until Friday night!


Conditioning Workshop Includes

3 Videos
3 Hours, 22 Minutes of Video
Includes 2 Downloads

Conditioning Workshop

Master the Art of Programming Conditioning for Your Clients: Boost Fitness, Recovery, and Performance Without Compromising Other Aspects of Training.

In the Conditioning Workshop, I will unveil my comprehensive, easy-to-follow approach to crafting conditioning programs that seamlessly integrate with strength, power, and movement training, ultimately enhancing your clients’ fitness, recovery, and overall performance.

This workshop is based on the successful conditioning strategies I’ve used with thousands of clients, including athletes, celebrities, and individuals seeking to optimize their physical potential.

What You’ll Learn in the Conditioning Workshop:

✅ Master the art of programming conditioning that complements and elevates your clients’ existing training regimen, rather than detracting from it.

✅ Learn how to strike the perfect balance between strength, power, and movement training to deliver exceptional results tailored to each client’s unique goals and needs.

✅ Discover a smart, effective approach to conditioning that boosts fitness, recovery, and overall performance, without sacrificing other aspects of your clients’ training.

Includes 3 Special Bonuses!

Bonus: Training Program Template

Bonus Video: Rebound Workout

Rebound Training is a targeted way to help your body shift into the the recovery state. This is where the gains of fitness and performance are made. This template was designed to give you an overview of what a Rebound Training workout looks like and how to use it within your training program. I break it down step by step along with the "why", as well as seeing me take Luke Wilson through his rebound session.

Bonus Video: 19 Conditioning Methods

Most people just group "cardio" into one bucket and make it a side thing to their strength training, OR they make it all the only training but really don't understand it at all and are frustrated with their fitness and body composition results. In this video I break down the different methods you can use in the our bodies 3 different energy systems.

This workshop is designed for coaches who want to:

✅ Develop a deep understanding of conditioning programming and learn how to effectively integrate it into their clients’ training plans.

✅ Enhance their coaching skills by mastering a comprehensive approach to conditioning that accommodates and elevates each client’s unique goals and needs.

Watch FREE on April 5!

This event is a special live broadcast from my gym that will take place on April 5 at Noon Pacific Time. The broadcast is completely free to watch on the day it airs, but you need to make sure you register in advance to reserve your spot.

Preorder Lifetime Access to the Recordings for Only $67!

If you can’t make the live broadcast or want to rewatch the video series, I’m offering lifetime access to the recordings for a one-time payment of just $67. This is an incredible value that will give you unlimited access to the video series, allowing you to watch it at your own pace and revisit the information whenever you need to.

Join me for this exclusive 90-minute workshop and elevate your coaching skills by mastering the art of conditioning programming. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself and take your coaching business to new heights.

– Luka