This workshop is free to watch while Luka teaches LIVE (January 31). The recording is available for preorder now.

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This workshop was free to watch this week (April 19) while Luka was teaching LIVE. The recordings have been posted and available for purchase.


Large Group Training Workshop

Master the Art of Writing and Coaching Large Group Training Programs that Deliver Amazing Results and Leave Clients Unable to Stop Referring People Your Way

"Large group training is dead!"

👆🏼 This is said by coaches who suck at large group training, whether it's designing the programs, coaching the sessions and making it a great experience, or both. The reality is that large group training is a huge opportunity to differentiate yourself while impacting as many people as possible.

In this workshop, I'll show you the Team Training system I've developed over 19 years that allows my team to coach groups of 15-50 clients at a time—without compromising on experience or results.

Come ready, because I'm going give you everything you need to stand out with a proven system based on smart programming that's adaptable to clients, delivers an unreasonably great experience, and has everyone coming back for more.

What You’ll Learn in the Large Group Training Workshop:

✅ How to structure the different Team Training programs to offer a complete class schedule for clients to get the best results and experience.

✅ The step-by-step breakdown of how to program for, and examples of density sessions, interval sessions, and rebound sessions that make up the Team Training system.

✅ The coaching checklist I use to make every client feel like they're getting individually coached, even in a large group session. This "secret" blew up my business with referrals!

✅ How to create a unique and special coaching experience every session, not just a crank the music and "crush everyone" scenario.

✅ The systems, standards and framework to be able to replicate the results and experience no matter who is running the group sessions. 

✅ How to position and price your Large Group Training in a smart way that makes sense for the business and the clients.

✅ Simple marketing strategies (no cost, low cost, and paid) to grow your Large Group Training.

This workshop is designed for coaches who want to:

✅ Elevate their coaching skills and extend their impact to large groups.

✅ Deliver an exceptional training experience that generates steady word-of-mouth referalls

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity (and FREE) to join me live this January 31st. 

Register now for the Large Group Training Workshop and invest in your success as a Fitness Pro.

– Luka

This Workshop Includes

  • Live Q & A
  • 2+ Hours of HD Video
  • Proven Team Training System

Assessment Workshop Includes

  • 1 Video
  • 2 Hours, 06 Minutes of Video
  • Includes A PDF Download

Assessment Workshop

Master the Art of Client Assessments and Build Customized 30-Day Programs for Optimal Results and Retention

Join me in the Assessment Workshop, where I will teach you my tried-and-tested approach to effectively assessing new clients, regardless of their fitness level, and building tailored 30-day programs that set them up for success. Based on my years of experience working with clients at Vigor Ground, this 90-minute workshop is designed to help you overcome the challenges that coaches often face in creating personalized and effective programs.

Discover the secrets to simple and practical assessments that lead to successful programming, enhance client experience, boost retention, and ultimately, increase your income as a Fitness Pro.

What You’ll Learn in the Assessment Workshop:

✅ Master the skills to accurately assess new clients, whether they’re beginners, intermediate, or advanced, and identify their unique needs and goals.

✅ Learn how to design and implement customized 30-day programs that ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.

✅ Leverage real-world examples to gain a deep understanding of the assessment process and program design.

This workshop is designed for coaches who want to:

✅ Develop a comprehensive understanding of client assessments and how to use this information to create tailored programs.

✅ Learn how to build effective 30-day programs that cater to each client’s specific needs and goals, leading to better results and retention.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your coaching skills and take your fitness business to new heights.

Join me for the Assessment Workshop and invest in your success as a Fitness Pro.

– Luka

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